Project Description: The 'Coastside Senior Housing' project is a 40 unit low-income senior housing project in Half Moon Bay. Located on Main Street it allows seniors a more interconnected option to traditional senior housing. The top two floors hold the units while the ground level holds two tenants, both organizations dealing with senior health and activities respectively. This gives the opportunity for the housing tenants as well as these two commercial tenants to benefit from each other and create a vibrant social environment.

The design is durable in materials, strong in its form, and touts green building techniques that should give the building a LEED Silver rating. The building's other unique aspects include super-efficient units, shared laundry facilities, integrated lounges, office, multi-purpose room for gatherings, and solar water preheat for energy efficient hydronic heating. This allows lower-income seniors the opportunity at an interconnectedness and quality of life that is not often found within current senior housing.

Half Moon Bay Senior Center
  • Senior Housing
  • Half Moon Bay, CA
  • 45,000 Square Feet
  • 40 units
  • Built