Project Description: The Phoenix Commons project is a 40+ unit senior housing project that aims to create a meaningful and rich sense of community and social interaction among residents. The project is a unique endeavor that combines several new and innovative solutions for housing the elderly with proven successful cooperative housing solutions. The intent is to create a building and community for seniors who might otherwise face isolation in non-senior friendly apartments leading to costly long-term medical needs. The project is intended to provide seniors an alternative housing type that is grounded in self-sufficiency, sustainability (both economically and environmentally) and the ability to age gracefully. By forming a community that fosters close relationships and constructing a building that enhances community and meets the needs of advanced age, Phoenix Commons will help seniors avoid institutionalization and expensive government sponsored services. Northern Europe has a long tradition of elder cooperative living that shows the remarkable power and advantage of this housing solution. The project will be designed to allow seniors 65 years and older to age in a place that is comprised of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to assisting each other. Seniors require a different kind of housing that allows them to live in an environment that fosters both independence and inter-connectedness.

Phoenix Commons