While the projects completed by Z+A tend to range dramatically in size, type, and content, the firm has purposefully remained small-sized in order to maintain a highly creative work environment. By nature of a small firm, every member of the design team including the principle collaborates closely throughout design and construction process and quality control remains constant regardless of scale and program. Consistent through all the firm's work are several design tenets that serve as a backbone for the firm's design process:

Site Response_Zimmerman and Associate's core philosophies and design attitudes are grounded in an understanding that the success of a project is generated more as a result of responsiveness to site conditions and programmatic relationships rather than architectural style. The intent is an architecture that stands the test of time, maintains integrity when exposed to the natural elements, and continues to respond to client growth and program development.

Client Engagement_All projects are developed with an approach that fosters thoughtful designs that engage people within established budgets and makes an appropriate and fulfilling statement for the client. An extremely high emphasis in the design process is placed on client input and successful design is a direct result of client enthusiasm and involvement.

Modernist Tradition_Much of the firm's work is grounded in classic modernist tradition that explores indoor outdoor space, creates a strong connection with the natural site, and creates an aesthetic that is expressed through the materials themselves and the connection assemblies.

Sustainable Future_The firm is committed to design innovation through the exploration of new sustainable technologies, research and application of new materials, dedication to energy conservation, and the design of spaces that are naturally ventilated and respond to solar orientation and natural site factors.

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